Adam Levine Treats Young Fan With Down Syndrome to a Maroon 5 Concert

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine helped make a 10-year-old superfan’s dreams come true on Monday night.

Christopher Warner, a young Maryland resident with Down syndrome and Levine’s self-proclaimed number one fan, got the surprise of his life when his favorite musicians reached out to invite him to a live show.

“He has just been fascinated with Maroon 5 and especially Adam Levine,” Avery Stanert, a special education teacher at Warner’s school, told “He loves to listen to their music during work breaks. He draws pictures of them. He just absolutely loves them.”

To show just how much Warner loved the band, Stanert took it upon herself to upload a compilation video on YouTube that showed the young fan singing along to Maroon 5’s hits, watching the band’s music videos and earnestly calling out to Levine.

Local news stations picked up the viral video, but it was Hot 99.5’s The Kane Show that got Levine and the rest of the band directly involved.

“They arranged for backstage passes and tickets,” Stanert said. “They immediately called the record label and worked it all out.”

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